For my friends ! :D

For my friends ..

A Pic for Me And My best friend “Amal”  😀

I found a sincere Friends , 
Although once you get angry
I know it’s for my own good
And you do not want me to take the wrong path
You’ve always believed me
I right or wrong
You have always supported me
Even in the worst moments
And for that, I wanted to say thank you
You left my life
In my heart you stay
Ever burn.
We had a great year
Who will be my unforgettable
I said you do may not be enough
But I will never forget you
I love you all throughout my life
And even when I’m in heaven
I never cease to think of you
To me you will always be just
I finished this poem
By telling you that I love you
And my thoughts
Your name will always be inked !

So ! I hope that you like my Poem .. 😀 Don’t forget to comment .. 😉

How to Improve your English :D



Hi everybody , in my new post I would advise some people , who is intersted by Improving his or (her)  Englih .. 😀 

My most important piece of advice is: “Do something (anything). If you don’t do anything, you won’t get anywhere. Make it your hobby, not a chore, but above all have fun!”

So !  If you really want to improve your english, may I suggest you, to find books you like in your own language and buy or borrow the same one in english. That way you will keep focus .. 
You can also watch a movie you enjoyed and if the book exist you can read it. That way you will be help by the movie that you know already..
 There is few other options but tell me first if those ones are good for you .. 

I am going to see  you how  to improve your English by following three simple rules. Watch  this Video  to start becoming more fluent in English today .. 😀

Challenge 8 – Favourites

Hi everybody in my blog ! 😀 this my new post for the 8th Chllenge wich talks about my favourites things , I went to talk you about my Hobbies , what I enjoy with ! Well there are a lot of  things :p But I Will talk just about the more interesting 😀 

1) Listening to music 😀 I love so much listening to music and I enjoy it very much , I saw that Classic music and sad songs relax me and make me feel good .. 😀 


2) Cooking 😀  Well! I like cooking very much , sometimes I help my mother in cooking when I have time 🙂 Heyy I Can Cooking very much :p my family like my food that I cook 😀 I Can do many foods like Pizza , Crepe , Delisious Cakes .. too I Can do “Couscous” the principal food in Tunisia 😀 “Spaghiti” .. ect :p who doesn’t know how to cook , you must know 🙂 enjoy ! 


3) Travelling 😀 I’m very curious and the more I travel the more curious of my world I get. I get fascinated to meet other cultures and to learn more about My fantastic planet and the challenges human kind have now and in the future .. 🙂 I Like Travelling very much .. Last year I had the chance to visit one of the greatest countries in the world “London” It’s a very wonderful contrie , I enjoy my trip very much , It’s a very nica place 😀 I cannot forget this trip wich looks amazing 😀 



4) Hanging with friends 😀 Sometimes I have more fun hanging out with friends than doing an over-organized outing .. I like going out with friends to enjoy myself 😀 and to do many activities together that I cannot forget ! any more !  🙂

5) Surfing The Net 😀 Surfing the Internet is usually seen as fun or a tremendous waste of time, depending on who I ask .. I Just enjoy surfing  the Net , Maybe because I chatt with my friends .. ^_^


6) Reading Books 😀 Really  I enjoy Reading books , some magasines , some romans .. ect . This favourite helps me to develope my language and my vocablary .. 😀

7) Writing 😀 I Just write about my interests .. 

Many Writers sayed that : These quotations — more than 200 of them — are taken from a variety of sources — books of quotations, books about writing, other people’s online lists of quotations, book jackets, etc. No claim is made here regarding the authenticity of the quotation or the precision of the language. Enjoy them, though, for what they are worth — their humor, their inspiration, their earnest advice and good wishes for you, another writer .. 

8) Playing BasketBall 😀 It’s my favourite Sport :p

9) Dancing 😀 I want to say that I love dancing very much and I practice it as well 😀 I have fun .. 

10) Watching TV 😀 Talking about watching TV , I watch it in my spare time and I really prefer watching the horror films and some comedians shows to have fun 😀 

Finally , I want to say that I have favourites more that I write but I cannot write it all I just write 10 of :p Hhh 

And I wish that you like my post , and Don’t forget to comment ! ^_^ and thank you .. 

Challenge 7 – Freedom Again O:)


In this post I want to talk about Freedom , What means this word ?! what his effects in our world ?!

In a first point I want to say that Freedom is really a great word to know .. Freedom stands for something greater than just the right to act however I choose—it also stands for securing to everyone an equal opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness .. 🙂

in our world now , there are many problems , they can be between womans and mans .. Have you ever been with a man who told you something like, “I’m not ready for a serious relationship,” “I just want my freedom,” or something along those lines? Many women do, and most of them often agree to the man’s wishes and end the relationship. What boggles them is that almost immediately after, the man starts dating and getting into relationships with other woman .. 🙁


Many thints that to be happy , they need Freedom so It’s a must ! without it you feel gudjhed by other cause you don’t get to choose your own destiny , and destiny of a person must be made by the person himself cause like that he will feel his big value in life also get the chance of knowing that he is a part of this world therefor he will make sure to be a better humain but if he uses Freedom in a negative way he will get in return a bad conscious wich leeds him to a dark rood where he can’t defind himself anymore a road wich leeds him a sad end so Freedom has limites that everyone should obey not ignore or disaproove cause it is a need that was found ech one of us since the day we were born ..

the idea of freedom comes up often. Most people say they support most types of freedom. Of course, the word freedom has little meaning if we do not have a common definition .. 😀 Just We have to save Freedom and Fight for Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  !!! :’))

 I hope you will enjoy this post and don’t forget to comment ! 😀 

Challenge 6 – Digital footprints

Hi everybody 😀  In this post I will talk about the Importance about The Internet in our life , I will site some social sites like facebook , twitter .. ect

In the first point I woul to say that the Internet is a great source for informations . Most traditional communications media including telephone, music, film, and television are being reshaped or redefined by the Internet, giving birth to new services such as voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) andInternet Protocol Television (IPTV). Newspaper, book and other print publishing are adapting to Web Site technology, or are reshaped into blogging and web feeds .. ect

Thousand of people use it in their daily routines because it helps them to find out more about the worls , while siting infront of a computer . Nowdays it is a must for most people to have facebook , skype , twitter .. and many other types of account of social media . Most of stars have accounts on each social media but the first problem is that many of their fans choosed to make fake accounts contineus their pictures even wrong informations wich are able of making rumours , besides that is able of ruwing thair oun privacy .

Second problem  is that if someone wanted to cause problems to a person , he makes an account wich shows wrong things just for revinge they use these social medias in a bad way without knowing the consequences of their negative behaviour  , they change their real names , adresses , callphones even their pictures . This is the negative way of using the Internet as a way of ravinge ..

Liens Of The Picts :…0.0…1c.1.12.img.pBiVawQiA18&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45960087,d.Yms&fp=e47211ed4f4e3ffa&biw=1366&bih=643…0.0…1c.1.12.img.IRgy08ZQPdw&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45960087,d.Yms&fp=e47211ed4f4e3ffa&biw=1366&bih=643…0.0…1c.1.12.img.mx1Uwj4Pl6o&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45960087,d.Yms&fp=e47211ed4f4e3ffa&biw=1366&bih=643

And For more Informations for more vocablary : about Internet :


Challenge 5 – Secrets O:)

many secrets are hiding in unkown places since a long time many lucky people want it to find out these secrets wich can be hard to find hard to understand and hard to believe,a lot of persons knew few secrets these persons didin’t want to risk their lives because of a deep hiding secrets .there for they choosed to not believe what they saw and left these old secrets in their dark past . I was one of these people you can call me lucky but I doubt that cause it is hard to control it , the deep secret wich I found out is still laying in an old forest i thought that I was imaginig things but I wasen’t every thing I saw in that dark forest made me want to find out what is hiding deep inside ..

I still remember the fact like it was yesterday , it was at summer vacation our family rented a place so close to a forest so that we can enjoy the beautiful tunisian nature . In the morning we staid together under a big tree to take our breakfast , at the evening we had to come back to the rented home but at the end of the day I want it to watch the amazing sunset by my own . The place was not so far from the house . While I was watching the sun go down I hurd a wisper a voice telling me “JOIN THE PLACE WHERE ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE ” . I was walking without directions , the voice guided me to the biggest tree i ever saw . I standed there for minutes looking at the beauty of that wonderful tree , while watching it you feel like you are on the edge of a new gerny I felt like that tree was the door wich leeds you to an other world i didin’t know how would it be if i was going to like it , love it but i knew that it’s a secret that leeds me to an other secrets . sudenly that wisper come back telling me to come ford and touch the door . I touched the door with a flowin ocien of surprise amotions I was so exited in front of me I saw stairs step by step I walked every stair made me want to pass it to the other . The place was so amayzing I was right cause this is a new world wich brought enjoy to my heart from the first minute I folowed the wispiring voice wich apeered to me again but this third time in the image of a human asking me about my name . when I hurd my mother’s voice the unknown human whom I though him the gardien disapeared on the screams of my mother, I found my self back to the forest but the weird thing is that the tree was gon ! I was surprised I didn’t know what to do I only cood wake up on the vioce of my mum wich was woried I still remember how it disapeared when my mum found me i wonder why ? was it ment only for me to find it out ? …. was it ment for me to keep that secret or should I tell someone I had many questions in mind but i never found out the answers . So I thaugh I was imagining but at the same time i felt it was so true . All thought i had many questions since that time i couldin’t come back because my mother kept me away from that forest from the moment I told her about the deep secret wich I know it is still hiding there. I know that I am sure there for I’ll come back to that forest and meet that unknown human again .. 😀


The Lien Of The Picts :…0.0…1c.1.9.img.Sl04R00PCjw&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45368065,d.ZGU&fp=397fc7621e765326&biw=1366&bih=643 🙂

My Mother O:)

I spend most of my time with my mother “Hayet” . I have got a large family and I get along with all them . Yet , Mum is the most intimate one to me . She is my best friend , the one I rely on whenever I find myself in trouble . She always guides me and gives me advice about everything . I’m proud of having such a well-experienced mother ..

Mother is love
Mother is caring
Mother is the rock
Mother is my best friend
Mother is the true love
Mother is heart
Mother is beautiful .. 🙂

My Mother , I love you very muchhhhhhhhhh , Let God blesses you :’)

The Lien Of The Picts :

Life and Freedom O:)

Life, even after millions of years people are still asking for the perfect meaning of this complicated word, sometimes it means hurt and pain, sometimes it means happiness and joy and sometimes you find yourself lost between these two definitions. Well, life can be hard and painful or sweet and amazing, many lost hope, others tried to run away to forget, to move on knowing that, however, they tried something from that past is going to return someday. So, they lived in fear waiting and waiting if they were lucky nothing from that dark part of their past will come back, if not, they will suffer again. It is hard to understand therefore people choose to live normally without thinking and surfing in that deep ocean of definitions which never ends. For me life is a journey which I am still trying to understand. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I just leave, forget every sad memories just burn them, I suffered much, a lot of things happened. Sad memories are lying in my heart . You might think that I wasn’t happy. Well, at least I tried to be happy, I looked happy to the persons I know, but only a few knew the secret of my life, that is, my best friend and the person who entered happiness to my life. She was the secret behind my smile, after I lost hope and tried to move on, after I convinced myself to let go everything to open the door to a black painful world. The only one who was able to make me see the reality of me was a kind person; She made me see the world from a different perspective. When I cry she holds me, when I was hurt he cured m. He made me a part of her until he became the air I breath. The touch of her hand made me see that I am able to have an amazing life, but in one condition, (that condition was being beside her) he made a promise and I am sure that she won’t break it because he knows that my heart is valuable and needs cure.. 🙂

TheLien Of the Picts :




What’s Love ?! o.O

A few days ago, I spoke to my friends about the Jewish idea of love.

“Someone define love,” I said.

No response.

“Doesn’t anyone want to try?” I asked.

Still no response.

“Tell you what: I’ll define it, and you raise your hands if you agree. Okay?”


“Okay. Love is that feeling you get when you meet the right person.”

Every hand went up. And I thought, Oy.
It is complex and powerful.  It confuses many people.  Love is a spiritual phenomenon .. 🙁

As “White Knight” says: 
On Earth, no one knows what love is.  All we see and know is the effect of love.

I Really didn’t found a result for what means by Love ?!! 😮

If you know what means , just answer me in a comment 😀 :p

Lien of the Pictures :’s+love&hl=fr&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=T8tiUamJLae54AT4m4CYBQ&sqi=2&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1366&

Lien of what  “White Knight” says:

You Are My Angel From Paradise :D <3

This Is A Little Poeme That I Write It Last Week About My Mother : 

You Have Been The Only Person ..

Who Took Care Of Me ..

Like a Beautiful Simfony ..

You Have Been Like My Shadow and even more ..

That’s why you will always may in my Heart ..

Dear Mom , you are an angell who left Paradise .. 

you are a sweet angel , the best one I ever saw ..

My Heart will always remember you , heat for you .. 

I wood never forget how you stood up all night ..

To make I’m ok !

That you craid you holded me when I was sad ..

You made sadness and misery disapear ..

With one smile on your sweet face ..

With waping my teass ..

I Promess you that I’ll always be by your side ..

To Look after you,to make Sure you are Happy ..

Like you made me and steel do ..

I love you Mom , I Really love you .. 😀 <3 => The Lien Of The Pictures 🙂